Leadership Academy

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The TPCAR Leadership Academy identifies emerging REALTORS® in the local association, encourages them with motivational activities, and assists in sharpening their leadership skills in the hope they will exert a strong positive influence in their communities, their profession, and as a member of TPCAR.


Leadership Academy participants work together in a training course which combines individual study, group sessions, and hands-on project experience using leadership skills. Training sessions include identification of leadership skills, team-building exercises, and procedures for goal setting, personal profile analysis, network building, and improving communication skills.

Brokerage Benefits
  • Cultivate more capable and confident REALTORS® and Leaders by enhancing skills such as public speaking, mediation/negotiation, and team building
  • Increase visibility for your firm throughout the TPCAR membership
  • Increase presence of your firm on the Board, Committees, and other TPCAR Leadership opportunities
  • Prepare REALTORS® for leadership opportunities in the broader community
  • Prepare REALTORS® to advocate for the industry
REALTOR® Benefits
  • Learn leadership skills that enhance your ability to lead at work, at home, and in the community
  • Meet industry and community leaders who help shape the real estate business climate
  • Collaborate and build relationships with other current and emerging industry leaders in your Leadership Academy cohort
  • Increase your knowledge of the real estate profession, advocacy, conflict management, DEI, media & communication, decision-making processes and MORE!